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• More than 150.000 Covid PCR tests performed with high quality and high sensitivity.

• Recommended by P.R. China Embassy (1st rank), Singapore, etc.


Tes Disini

Kimia Klinik

Specialists: Clinical Pathologists

Prof. Dr. Suzanna Immanuel, SpPK (Consultant)

Professor in Clinical Pathology, University of Indonesia
ISO 15189 Assessor

Prof. Dr. Tonny Loho, DMM, PhD, SpPK (Consultant)

Professor in Clinical Pathology, Infectious Diseases Consultant, UKRIDA

Dr. George A Mantiri, MLM (UWA), SpPK

Lab Supervisor, ISO 15198 Assessor
Experience in Molecular Diagnostics, University of Indonesia, University of Western Australia (UWA), Royal Perth Hospital

Technical Equipment